Easy Wood Carving for Beginners


Easy Wood Carving for Beginners

bali wood carvingFor some people, wood carving is a very interesting hobby. They can spend their leisure time deals with wood and knife; scratch every little detail to create an amazing shape of anything their mind think of. But many people who interested in wood carving also don’t know how to wood carve. They think that only the professional can do it, but they are wrong. Wood carving is not only for professional. Those who interested in this kind of activity, and willing to spend their time and learn how to wood carve obviously will be able to create an amazing shape of their imagination. No one is too late to learn how to wood carve, because once you master the technique, it will last forever. And whatever the result is depend on your creativity and imagination. For the beginner who still learn about how to wood carve, these steps may help you to get a better result.

Choose the design

The first step of how to wood carve is to choose the design. You have to find or imagine what kind of thing you are going to carve. You have to be sure about the shape, so you won’t regret it in the end. Just think about the rough shape, because the details can flow latter on.

Trace the pattern

And in the second step of how to wood carve, you have to trace the pattern of your design. You have to trace just the outline first and leave the detail for latter. You can use the stylus and a carbon paper if you’re not really sure with your drawing ability. You have to draw your design in a piece of paper first, and then when you’ve had a perfect outline, you can trace it on your piece of wood with the help of carbon paper and stylus. This step will help you to produce a better shape.

Start carving

Then in the third step of how to wood carve, you have to start carving. You can make the stop cut first to avoid the unwanted chipping, then you can start removing the area outside the outline to get the rough shape. In this step, you have to be very careful because a wrong cut can ruin the whole shape of your work. After you get the rough shape, you have to sublimate it to make sure that your work will look smooth and natural.

Add the detail

In the finale step of how to wood carve, you have to add every little detail in your rough shape. Make sure that every scratch you made is in the right position and the shape is exactly what you want and think of. Good luck!